JAWS 2019 and tracked changes in MS Word

Loreal Lavigna

I’m working with MS Word 2016/Office 365.  One of my clients requires edits be reviewed in tracked changes but that the documents are typed in an older word format *.doc instead of *.docx.


I’m coming back into the workforce fulltime after being out for over a year – first on maternity leave beginning last year mid-Fall, and then spending nearly the first year of my daughter’s life taking care of her more fulltime than anything else.


The client I’m working with has me typing attorneys’ notes – No problem.  However, working with tracked changes, while I used ot be a wiz at this, either I’ve forgotten something or things have radically changed in the past 15 months.  I haven’t done this in a while.  Can anyone help me with a refresher on working with, reviewing, and reading tracked changes in MS Word with JAWS?



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