Re: How To Disable Automatic F S cast Announcements

Hicks Steven (CORNWALL IT SERVICES) <steven.hicks@...>

Yes, it comes up when there is a podcast that it thinks you have not listened to.

There is a tick box on the page telling you about the podcase that you can tick so it doesn’t show these any more.



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Subject: Re: How To Disable Automatic F S cast Announcements




I shut down and re-booted my computer for another reason, and this time, when Jaws opened, I did not get the FS podcast notification.


I wonder if it just comes upp periodically?


I’ve looked for default settings, but can’t seem to find them in the Jaws menus.


If you can tell me where I can find them, I’ll make the change that way.


Tom Behler



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Subject: Re: How To Disable Automatic F S cast Announcements


When it first comes up you Shift+Tab once to Not show this in the future, might be slightly different wording, but it's simply a checkbox, check it and tab to OK.

You can also do it by searching default settings for "FS", the following is the only option which shows up:

Notify about new FSCasts not checked
Miscellaneous- that means it's in Settings under the Miscellaneous group.





From: <> On Behalf Of Tom Behler
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Subject: How To Disable Automatic F S cast Announcements


Hello, everyone.


I’m setting up a new Windows 10 computer with Jaws, and would like to know how to disable the automatic FS Cast announcements.


I have other ways of getting this information, and am trying to simplify things as much as possible.


I’ll likely have more questions as I continue the computer setup process, but, I promise, I’ll try to keep my questions to a minimum.


Thank you!


Tom Behler



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