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Marla Bernbaum

I know two methods, although there may be some other better way I am not aware of:

If you want to pick a contact from your contact list:
Open the new message dialog (Control+N).
Starting from the “To:” field, shift tab once to the “Select contacts” button, and activate it by pressing the space bar.
Arrow down the list to the contact you want.
Press tab once to move to the “To:” edit box and press the space bar to activate it.
Press tab again and the name and address of the contact will appear in the “TO:” field.

Another way is to start typing the name or address of the contact in the “To:” field. The full contact will automatically be finished, but the Jaws PC cursor doesn’t read it. However, if you shift tab once, and then tab back to the “To:” field, you will hear Jaws read the contact name and address, and you are ready to tab forward to the subject field.

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Does anyone know a way to make JAWS 12 interface with contact list when putting an address in a new message in Windows Live Mail?

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