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Stephanie Switzer

There isn't any major errors with The Qube that I've encountered so
far. And I'm running it on both my winsdows 7 and my windows XP

On 1/15/12, chris hallsworth <> wrote:
Not really. There are a few minor querks that do not bother me
personally as I have found alternatives. For example scheduling tweets
is broken in The Qube so I use the paid version of Tweetymail to do
that. This is a Twitter app that lets you use Twitter via e-mail,
similar to how Friendmail works.

Christopher H

On 15/01/2012 00:55, Gary King wrote:
I noticed that The Qube is still in Beta. Have you found any stability
problems? I don't know how long it will be until there is a release
version, but I may just wait until then to put it on my Windows 7 64-bit

Gary King
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Try The Qube from

Christopher H

On 14/01/2012 18:02, Ketan Kothari wrote:
Hi friends,

I was using Qwitter for twitter but it has stopped working and I know
that it is no longer being developed. Can you suggest any alternative
and where do I get it from? Thank you.

Ketan Kothari
Ph: +91-22-24223281
Cell: 09987550614
Skype: ketan3333
Twitter: @muktaketan
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