2 problems with Jaws 2019 and Microsoft Teams

Delaunay Christophe

Hi all,


My PC is a Dell laptop running Windows 7 Entreprise Edition and Jaws 2019.


I was recently added to a Microsoft Teams group and I need to edit Word documents which are shared in this group.


The leader of this group sent a mail to all the people he invited with a link to the list of documents he initiated. The first time I clicked this link, I was requested to download the Microsoft Teams application. I did it and then installed it. Second time I clicked the link, Microsoft Teams opened up and showed me the list of document. I clicked on one of them and saw a menu with three options: Edit in Microsoft Team, Edit in Microsoft Word and Edit in Microsoft Word Online. I chose the second but, while Word was opening and loading the file, Teams showed a dialog box saying something like “Also feel free to edit the document in Teams” with a “close” button and a “ok” button. I clicked the “ok” button but nothing happened. Same with the “close” button.


During this time, Word could finish loading the document and I edited it as I wanted before saving it and then closing Word.


Back to Teams, Jaws did not show me anything, neither speaking, neither in Braille. When I tried to move the cursor, it always said “blank”. A sighted colleague got me out of this trap by clicking a “close” button in the document pane and Teams got back to the file list presented in a table.


However, does anyone know how to get out of such a trap when there is no way to have sighted assistance?


Another problem with Teams is that when I right click on its systray icon, Jaws says “menu” but no menu item is spoken. Is there a way to determine which items are displayed in the Teams systray icon context menu and to interact with them?


Many thanks in advance for any advice. Have a nice day. Chris D

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