Jaws accessible program to rip region coded DVD


Hello list,

I’m in search of a program that can rip DVDs with region codes. Is anyone aware of such a thing? The wife and I had a region code free DVD player for years, but that thing has long since died. We don’t want to buy a new DVD player for the odd-ball DVD she gets from Germany and figured it would make more sense to try to rip it for playback on other devices. Be it a computer or to burn on a new disk. We’ve tried Hand Break, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Again, to be clear, it needs to be able to bypass the region codes that restrict playback on devices in certain parts of the world. This is the particular issue we’re trying to overcome.

I’m a Jaws user, so anything that’s accessible would be preferred. Really though, just looking for something that will do the job.



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