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And, in case it helps Jed, I just had a look at the screen resolution on my laptop which has the 4K Touch Screen display and noticed that scaling was set to 250% which also was the recommended setting. I am pretty sure I had tried to set the resolution lower before without fixing the Roboform issue, but this time I set the scaling to 100% and that fixed it. I don't know how that makes a difference visually, but my wife has her own login and I'm pretty sure these settings are specific to the user account so unless she is trying to help me with something and it looks horrible this solution works for me. Here is the exact wording from Jaws speech history:


Scale and layout
Change the size of text, apps, and other items Combo box
To change the selection use the Arrow keys.



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Go to your desktop and press control plus spacebar and you will hear not selected

Now press shift plus f10 and choose display in the menu


Now look in there for screen resolution and you need to have 1200 /800 or less for jaws to work well


Test a couple of those choices to you find the one that works best.




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Hi Jed,

It's possibly a screen resolution issue, and I can't remember exactly where the setting is but it will be under "Display", and try lowering the resolution quite substantially.

Failing that though, if you know the cursor is jumping up a few rows, can't you just DownArrow a few times until it's back where it needs to be?



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Hey guys,


OK, i'm having a very strange problem, that i need some help with.

Noone can seem to come up with the anser, but it's driving me crazy.

I use a program to program radios called contact manager.  The long and short of it is, i have to add channels to a particular zone in the radio.  I can access the zones and the channels.  I can get to the zone in the radio, and access the channels that i need to add.  The way i did it in the past on my old laptop, i go to the channel that i want to add, route jaws to pc, and do a right mouse click.  Now when i route the jaws to PC, if you're looking at it visually on the screen, the cursor jumps up several places on the screen and as a result it highlights the wrong channel.  This never use to happen on my other laptop. I'm running the same version of the software as well as the same version  of jaws on both machines, both running win 10.  I can't think of anything that would make this happen.

Today, we shut down jaws, and i had someone just do a right mouse click on the right channel, and the cursor didn't jump up several places, it highlighted the correct channel.  Any ideas here guys?







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