Re: JAWS Tablet Compatibility

Matthew Horspool

Hi Colby,

I don't have any experience using tablets with JAWS. However, as far as I'm aware, JAWS will only work on X86/X64-based systems and not, for example, on ARM processors. Specs for these sorts of systems are pretty much the same as specs for regular laptops.

So in a nutshell, go with a tablet that has an Intel Core something in it (I3, I5, I7, M3 or something like that), and a few GB of RAM, and you should be OK.

In the worst case, install JAWS right after you buy the tablet, and if it doesn't work return the tablet in the return window.



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Subject: JAWS Tablet Compatibility


I am looking to purchase a tablet computer to replace my old iPad. I would like to use something that comes with a keyboard if possible but also am curious as to how people are finding using JAWS with tablets without keyboards. I would like to know which tablets work best with JAWS 2019 and what technical specifications I should be looking for the device to have for the fastest performance.
Thank you,

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