Re: surveying about Flexible Web use

Matthew Horspool

Hi Dean,

I find the name "Flexible Web" rather ironic as the reason why I don't use it is because it is not "Flexible" enough! I did use it very extensively when it was launched, but got fed up with rules not applying between browsers, and also I found I was having to create dozens of rules when only one would suffice if only I had a bit more control over how the feature worked.

For example, I want to be able to create a rule that says: on all web pages, in all browsers, suppress any frame with the word "google" in its URL. Thus suppressing all Google ads in one rule. This is not possible.

I'm a Chrome user and am just waiting for it to implement a reader mode. In the meantime I know about the Greesemonkey add-on and, when I get enough time to sit and play, I will get that working. Surely it will be more effective than Flexible Web.



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Subject: surveying about Flexible Web use


I’m curious, if people use Flexible Web, where they use it.  I used it a bit when the feature was first available, but lost interest because of what I perceived to be the effort involved and the little gain.  Mostly, I was using it on newspaper sites, and with Firefox and Edge containing Reading Views, and thanks to the Mercury Reader add-on for Chrome, so does it, those browser-based features seem to obviate the need for Flexible Web.  But am I misanalyzing this? 




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