Re: Where's the Dvorak keyboard in Windows 10?

David Bailes

Hi Lee,
to add a new keyboard layout using version 1803 of Windows 10:
1. Go to the Region and language settings in the settings app. One way of doing this is to open the start menu, type some or all of region and language settings, and press Enter.
2. If you then tab through the settings, then after the add a language button, there's a list of installed languages. There may well be only a single language, English (United States). I'm assuming that you want a keyboard layout for the English United states language. Move to this item in the list and press Enter or Spacebar to expand the item.
3. Tab to the options button and press it. You are taken to a page for that language.
4. On this page, there is an add a keyboard button, followed by a list of installed keyboard layouts for the language.
5. Press the add a keyboard button. A pop-up list of keyboard layouts opens.
6. Arrow down this list till you find the keyboard layout you want, and press Enter. This keyboard layout has now been added to the keyboard layouts available to you.
7. You can now switch between keyboard layouts using the windows key + spacebar.


On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 08:36 PM, Lee Maschmeyer wrote:
Hi folks,

In Windows 7 and before I always found the Dvorak keyboard in Control
Panel in something like Languages or Keyboard or something loosely
related to that. But in Windows 10 the search boxes don't find it.
Anybody know where it's hidden now?



Lee Maschmeyer

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