Re: a big cursor problem

Tim Ford

This may be a long shot, but if your new laptop has a touchpad, you may be grazing it when you do that keystroke combination.  This happened to me until I turned off the touchpad.



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Subject: Re: a big cursor problem


Hi Jed,


Did you make sure that the window is maximized?

Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: Re: a big cursor problem


this issue is driving me crazy.  It baffles me why this is even
happening.  This program has worked flawlessly for years, and now
since i switched laptops, running the same program, and jaws, why when
i do this particular action, the cursor just by some sort of magic,
moves up several spaces.  It makes no sense to me.  Bottom line, i
need to get this working.  If anyone has any ideas, that would be
enormously helpful  Like i said, it just makes no sense, why when i
route jaws to PC, the cursor would just move up a few spaces, and
highlight the wrong item.  is there any way to do some sort of jaws

On 11/18/18, Jed Barton <jedbarton@...> wrote:
> i don't even know how to navigate with narrator cause i literally never use
> it.
> 1 of the things i need to get to, when i open up this program, there
> are a bunch of tabs across the top.  In order to get to them, i use to
> route jaws to PC, then go around and find them.  i was gonna do it
> with n v d a, but don't even know if nvda has another cursor cause i
> hardly use it.  trying to figure out whether it's a jaws problem, or a
> windows problem.  It's driving me crazy.
> On 11/18/18, Ann Byrne <annakb@...> wrote:
>> Try it with Narrator.  That isn't the answer, but might be a short
>> term solution.
>> At 02:46 PM 11/18/2018, you wrote:
>>>Hey guys,
>>>OK, i'm having a very strange problem, that i need some help with.
>>>Noone can seem to come up with the anser, but it's driving me crazy.
>>>I use a program to program radios called contact manager.  The long
>>>and short of it is, i have to add channels to a particular zone in the
>>>radio.  I can access the zones and the channels.  I can get to the
>>>zone in the radio, and access the channels that i need to add.  The
>>>way i did it in the past on my old laptop, i go to the channel that i
>>>want to add, route jaws to pc, and do a right mouse click.  Now when i
>>>route the jaws to PC, if you're looking at it visually on the screen,
>>>the cursor jumps up several places on the screen and as a result it
>>>highlights the wrong channel.  This never use to happen on my other
>>>laptop. I'm running the same version of the software as well as the
>>>same version  of jaws on both machines, both running win 10.  I can't
>>>think of anything that would make this happen.
>>>Today, we shut down jaws, and i had someone just do a right mouse
>>>click on the right channel, and the cursor didn't jump up several
>>>places, it highlighted the correct channel.  Any ideas here guys?

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