jaws 2019 and visual studio 2017 crashing my toshiba satellite pro c-50-alaptop

Marvin Hunkin <neilmarvin@...>

Hi. using visual studio 2017 community 15.9.1 32 bit on a Toshiba satellite pro c-50-a laptop. Running 8 gb ram, a 2.5 ghz quad core processor , 750 gb hard disk, radium 4900 graphics. Updated and when using visual studio 2017, as doing a interactive gaming course and using unity, and using c #, with jaws, after a while if I have a few windows open, then jaws or nvda stop responding, and get the blue screen of death and have to reboot. Why is that doing. Is their a utlity to trouble shoot, so I can then try to figure out why. Did contact freedom scientific, wondering if I have to update my drivers, like my radium graphics card, etc, via device manager. 4 year old laptop.

Any ideas.

Hopefully this fixes it, only with visual studio do I get this issue. As doing a course via http://www.upskilled.edu.au and unity is not accessible the editor, and so using visual studio.

Any ideas, or any utilities , did try googling and then listening to a few utube videos, but a lot complex.



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