Re: surveying about Flexible Web use

Hope Williamson <isepic@...>

By the way, there are various browser extensions to manage cluttered webpages. Firefox has it's own reader view, for instance. However, ad blockers do wonders! They're also able to block those ridiculous social media sharing buttons.

    I don't want to use something like flexible web that's built-into a screen reader. Mostly because I think adding extra features like that causes bloat. I really enjoy the way NVDA does things with add-ons. Also, I'd rather have my browser manage my web activity. The screen reader is there simply for one purpose, to make the web usable for me.

    Things like quick nav, and OCR for PDF documents make the web usable. Although OCR is a separate thing. I also have never used research it. Why? because I enjoy web surfing!

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