New Facebook behavior with screen readers and pictures


Hello list,

So maybe it’s been around for a bit, but I barely noticed it first on the FB iOS app and now while browsing FB on my PC with Firefox and Chrome, but it looks like VoiceOver and Jaws at least are reading the included text in image postings. I know one could always add the alt text, but at least for the few memes and pictures my friend’s and family are posting, I don’t have to do anything special. The text is simply being read. In iOS it was kind of a hassle since you had to first save the picture to your camera roll then navigate to the photos app then use the Seeing AI app to recognize text only to find out that the picture you saved was just of someone’s dog with the word woof on it or something like that. Jaws was way more hit and miss if you were lucky.

Is anyone else seeing this as the saying goes or have I been in the dark and this is simply old news?  

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