Re: Using Nemeth code with Jaws and Focus 40 blueBraille Display

Roger Newell

No, it is not possible to type in Nemeth braille with JAWS. However,
you can learn UEB math which JAWS does allow you to enter. Here is a
link to a free online course for learning UEB Math braille: Note that the course assumes that you
know EBAE braille (yes, a strange combination).

On 11/17/18, Michael Munn <> wrote:
Hi listers, This is michael. I have a question about using the Nemoth Code
with Jaws and Focus 40 Blue Braille Display. Is that possible to use nemeth
code with my Focus 40 Blue Braille Display with Jaws? If it's possible
where can I download the software?
All answers and feedbacks are greatly appreciate it.
Best Regards
Michael Munn
Michael Munn
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Maryland Association of Blind Students
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