Re: JAWS 2019 and Microsoft Word not working properly together

Michael Munn

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Absolutely right!

A piece of crap...

More and more confusion of installations that do not work and always with system issues support.

Sorry but I have to say:
Nvda never fails.

Às 15:10 de 17/11/2018, Richard Turner escreveu:

In my very humble but opinionated opinion, Jaws 2019 is buggy as hell.  I’ve gone back to using 2018 and will wait for the update to 2019 to see if they fix anything.

I’ve mentioned some of the issues I’ve had on this list, so won’t waste anyones time rehashing them.






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Subject: JAWS 2019 and Microsoft Word not working properly together
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Hello all,

     Just now, I found that JAWS 2019 and Microsoft Word won’t work together nicely in some aspects. When I’m reading a document, of my own making, JAWS misses some words at times and repeats others—almost as if it’s wrapping up a few phrases/words. I have the document maximized when I’m reading with “say all.” Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? It doesn’t happen with JAWS 2018 as I’ve checked.

Thank you,

Ashleigh Piccinino


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The new upgrade either going to be in early DECEMBER or first week of January. 
This year Freedom or Vispero™ will add new feature to their Jaws or ZT along with the update instead of adding new feature during SMA release. 

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