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Michael Munn

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Well, many people's experience with Jaws 2019 seems to confirm this quite clearly.
This is one of the many things about these huge conglomerates buying up companies and insisting on deadlines for new releases that truly ticks me off. They could not care less about their customers. Atleast they recognize it is a good idea to keep a previous working version around.
We no longer have any real competition in the screen reader market, so they don't have to be concerned. Too many jobs now depend on Jaws scripts so one cannot easily switch to NVDA or Dolphin and be productive, though I'm not sure how productive people can be when they have to spend so much time dealing with buggy new releases only to have to go back to the previous release to get anything done.

I'm done complaining for today.


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I guess being a newbee with Jaws I was quite surprised when I was told by Jaws support that it was a good idea to keep a earlier version of Jaws when installing the newest version as the new version may have issues. I know that is always a possibility with new releases but they made it seem that new releases of Jaws were always quite buggy.

I kind of agree with you.
If you purches the new home annual license you probibly be able to keep up with the current version.
Freedom Scientific or Vispero™ is very logical of coming up with this method.

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