Outlook 2010 and menu problem


Hi Everyone,

I got a problem with Outlook 2010 and the menu bar. When I press the alt key
to go to the menu bar I hear something strange. JAWS says to change ribbons
use the left and right arrows to navigate the current ribbon use tab or
shift+tab. Which OK I can arrow to file then home and then so forth but if I
tab to access the home ribbon for example I can't access anything on this
home ribbon. It's not just the home ribbon the whole menu bar is this way.
And this is only in Outlook that I am having this problem. All the other
applications on my computer have what I call the normal menus where I press
alt and then arrow across to where ever I want to go and then arrow down the
menu to the option I want. I have verified that the virtual ribbons in the
default configuration file in the setting center was set to checked.
Somebody can correct me but I thought if this was checked the menus would
all look like the old windows menus?


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