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I agree with Richard. what's the big deal with tabbing over to and
entering on the enable button as he suggests or press alt, f, i, e, instead.

as for Brian's reasoning and steps (forgive me Brian), it shouldn't be
relied on that the "use of macros as an infection vector has virtually
vanished" has disappeared forever. there is still the possibility of
malicious behavior triggered by macros. that's one reason why Office
programs occasionally receive security updates; to help thwart those
threats that may play part in a larger malicious infection.

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Hi Brian,
No need to be vigorous about disagreeing. I work at a State office and
while the security systems are way more vigorous than what home users
have, some State employees insist on opening any attachment they get
without checking the actual source so I guess I inherited some of the
paranoia of the State IT folks. I don’t find it that big of an
annoyance even though I only open attachments from trusted sources, but
with all things techie, everyone has their own tolerance threshold.

Good instructions by the way.


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On Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 09:19 AM, Richard Turner wrote:
NO, you don’t want to do that
We shall have to agree to disagree, and vigorously. With the long past
advent of scanning of e-mail messages and attachments by security suites
the use of macros as an infection vector has virtually vanished.
Automatic protected mode in MS-Office is a major, major annoyance to
anyone who only opens attachments from sources they know or trust.

Here are the instructions I wrote up with regard to turning it off:

* Adjusting Protected View Settings in MS-Office


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