Re: curious about today's update for JAWS 2018

Dean Martineau <topdot@...>

People tend to complain about the JAWS company, whatever name it goes by, for their upgrade policies.  (Nobody has done so here at present.) So they have annual upgrades, but still make some efforts to maintain the experience of those who, for whatever reason, don’t or can’t upgrade.  So it is with this upgrade to 2018.


Thought-provoking reading:


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Subject: Re: curious about today's update for JAWS 2018


The purpose is to improve the experience for people who are still using Jaws 2018 because they have for some reason not yet upgraded. This could be because they don't have an SMA left and currently can't afford or don't want to buy one or maybe they work at larger organisations where often such updates take longer. One of my best friends in Germany used to work at HP and each time he needed an update he had to go through a big application process to get HP to authorize it.


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Subject: curious about today's update for JAWS 2018


Hi List,


I don’t remember ever getting an update the same month a new version of JAWS has been released. What’s up? Does anyone know the purpose of this update? In other words, what did it fix?



Shirley Tracy

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