Re: Need Reminder About How to Merge Settings from J17 to J18

Matthew Horspool

Hi Mike and Dani,

The "Migrate Settings" option allows you to skip the export/import process. I don't know where JAWS 17 stands, but try the following in your JAWS 2018:

1.       From the JAWS window, press ALT+U for "Utilities". If JAWS is in the system tray, press JAWSKey+J, then U.

2.       Press I for "Import/Export", then M for "Migrate Settings …".

3.       You should land on a screen with a combo box of JAWS versions. If JAWS 17 is there, you're good to go! Press ENTER and let it do its thing. If not, or that screen doesn't appear, I'm afraid you're out of luck.




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Hi Dani,


Merge settings was left out of Jaws 17.  Below is a FS note.

Unfortunately the merge utility is gone for now.
From the what’s new in jaws 17 page
“Merge Utility No Longer Available
Major changes have been made to improve the JAWS localization process. This included reorganizing many of the JAWS settings files. Due to these changes,
the Merge utility is no longer installed with JAWS 17 as settings from prior versions cannot be merged. We are planning a solution for the future which
will replace this utility and provide an even greater benefit for our customers.”
Note:  Because the settings need to be exported  from 1 Jaws version first before they can be imported into a different Jaws version this is why you won't be able to merge your J17 settings into J18.

Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: Need Reminder About How to Merge Settings from J17 to J18


Hi, Everyone.
I finally have my JFW2018 fully activated and need a reminder about
how to merge the settings in J17 with this version. I thought there
was a Merge command, but can't find it.


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