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Richard Turner

In Office 365 Word 2016 does indeed do OCR on the PDF.
I have an image PDF I keep around for such testing.
If I just hit enter on it so the computer opens it in Adobe Acrobat DC, then Jaws offers to do OCR on the document.
If I do shift+f10 or use the applications key, and elect to open it in Word, I get a message that Word will now convert the document to an editable word document. I just tested both with my image pdf and I would say that Word did a little better job than did Jaws.
But, either way is quite good. If you have Office 365 though, and you want to then save the document, using Word means you don't have to copy it from the Jaws virtual screen and paste it into a document.

Ironically enough, the image PDF is a brochure about the Pac Mate ...


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But will this actually do OCR on an image PDF?

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Hi All,
As we are on the topic of scanning a PDF file, I discovered that if you are running windows 10, Office 365/Word 2016 you can import the PDF file into Word.

In the folder where the PDF is located, use Shift-F10 to bring up the context/application Menu. Select Open with and then Select Word.

There will be two prompts warning you that you are about to import the file and once you have accepted the two prompts the importing into Word will begin. Depending on the size of the file it may take a while for the conversion.

Formatting may change so be aware of that.

Hope this helps.

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I waited for about 2 minutes. I found out that the first 4-5 pages
have something Jaws couldn’t read. If I kept paging down I eventually
reached the text.
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How many pages is the file and how long did you wait?
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I’m using windows10 and Jaws2018. I received a PDF file that Jaws will
not read. I tried to use the OCR in Jaws and that didn’t read it as well.
I put the cursor on the file name in my download folder. I then went
into the jaws window and pressed the necessary key strokes to start
the OCR. It never read anything.
I then went into the PDF and did the same with activating the OCR. It
still didn’t read anything.
Should I be doing something else?

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