Re: Footnotes Not Indicated When Navigating by Character in MS Word 2016 with JAWS 2019

Edward Green

Hi Alison,

Yes it is. I'd like to see a JAWS setting which allowed the virtual viewer to appear in the alt tab list of programs rather it than being ephemeral as now.



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This is really useful; thanks!

The other thing, which is a tidge aggravating, is if I have two documents open and shift tab between the two, perhaps to make a correction following reading the comment, then when I go back to the document with comments,  I need to start from scratch again with windows key semi-colon.

Still this tip is really useful, so thanks again.




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Subject: Re: Footnotes Not Indicated When Navigating by Character in MS Word 2016 with JAWS 2019


Hi Alison,


Yes there is.  You'll notice that each comment has a number above it, which JAWS announces as a link.


Press either space or enter on that numbered link, and you'll be taken to the relevant part of the text. I can't now recall whether both space and enter work, or whether you need to use one or the other.


Just to note: when you have moved to the relevant part of the text, you'll need to press windows key semicolon to bring the dialogue/comments list back up.






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I’ve only recently learnt about this keystroke and find it really useful for finding comments. However, when the comment suggests an error or a correcton, what I would like to do is to be taken to that particular comment in the text so I can amend it, or whatever. Is there a way of moving from the identified comment and then being moved to that part of the document?




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Hi Richard,


Give the following a try to see if it'll work in Word 2016:

I recently learned of a command, windows key plus ;, *semicolon*, which opens up a list box that gives you the options of accessing four fields, comments, footnotes, endnotes, and revisions.  Pressing enter on your choice opens a window that I believe contains text you can select and copy.  A caveat:  I have Windows 7 and Word 2010, and have not tried this command with any other operating system or Word version. 

Take care.  Mike.  Go Rams!
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Subject: Footnotes Not Indicated When Navigating by Character in MS Word 2016 with JAWS 2019




I noticed that with JAWS 2019 and MS Word 2016, a footnote is not indicated when navigating by character.  It is only indicated when reading by paragraph, line or say-all.  However, if you know where the footnote reference is *and if you select it*, then it is indicated.  The indication is the footnote number, such as “footnote 16.”  In earlier versions of Word and JAWS, a footnote would be indicated irrespective of the navigation or reading method.  Presumably, this is likewise true for endnotes and comments as well.


This is a bit annoying because sometimes you want to know exactly where a footnote reference is.  For example, generally its reference (e.g., “16”) ought to be just after the period at the end of a sentence without any spaces between the period and the footnote reference.  Also, the text font of a footnote reference is superscript; so this ought not present a hard thing for JAWS to indicate.  Irritatingly, if all you do is navigate by character to where you know the footnote reference is, but do not select that area, all JAWS says is “space”; which is false since you know that there is a superscript footnote reference there. 


Has anyone else noticed this?  Is there a solution for this?  I have looked at the JAWS settings for this but did not find anything.  Maybe I missed it.




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