Re: Facebook and Jaws

Larry Gassman <larrygassman@...>

they often change the web site so iti will not remain constant. But JAWS works well with this mobile site. Far less cluter and fewer bells and whistles but getting to the material you want to read is quicker and faster using the mobile site.
You can use the normal Facebook site, but getting to spots you want to get to can take more time.
Accessibility is not really the issue.
I've been on Facebook since 2009.

At 07:28 AM 11/14/2018, you wrote:
OOPS. It's Forgot to put in the period.


On Wed, 14 Nov 2018 07:55:18 -0500
"Sharon" <> wrote:

Is it possible to use Jaws to access Facebook? If so, how difficult is it?
Is it possible to upload audio files to a group, or post, or whatever you
call it?

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