track changes (for Word 2016 documents) broken in Jaws 2019?

Amy Bower

Hi All -
Decided to give Jaws 2019 a try because I've been having a weird problem:
When replying to an email message in Outlook 2016, the cursor switches to virtual so that when I start typing my reply, it's as if quick keys are on, and for example, "T" tries to find a table instead of typing the letter t..
(if anyone has similar problem and knows how to fix, would love to hear it).
But in Jaws 2019, there is something major different in how "track changes" are handled in Word documents. In 2018, with track changes on, Jaws would only read my inserted text, which is what I wanted to hear. Now, Jaws 2019 reads both the inserted and deleted text, which is very confusing to listen to. I've tried various combinations of Word and Jaws settings with no luck. I've tried turning off Track Changes in Jaws settings (no change in behavior). I've tried changing how tracked changes are displayed in Word (no changes in behavior, although I haven't tried every combination).
The only thing that might fix it is to turn off track changes in Word (control+shift+e), but that defeats the purpose because I'm trying to track changes as I type. To constantly change this setting between when I want to type and when I want to read my changed text makes no sense.
P.S. Response from vispero was ridiculous. The tech support had very little idea what I was talking about when discussing track changes. When I asked to speak to someone who knows what track changes is and how it works, she said no one there uses track changes so there was no one to talk to. Give me a break. They said I had to send a sample document, which I'll do.
Thumbs down on tech support...

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