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David Goldfield

Hi. I actually recall seeing this option while I was using Chrome. However, when I copied an entire article to the clipboard I was disappointed to see that the majority of the article was never copied, even though I had selected all of the desired text. I have been told that the only browser where this feature works reliably is Internet Explorer, which is not a browser that I would prefer to use.

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On 11/11/2018 8:22 AM, Mike B. wrote:
Hi Steve,
I'm sorry for assuming that you're running IE11, I should of asked what browser you're running from the start.  If you're running Firefox or Chrome, I don't know about other browsers, but these 2 don't have the options in the quick settings I described.
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On 11/10/2018 1:54 PM, Mike B. wrote:
2. Arrow dow to, Virtual Cursor Options, and right arrow if it's closed.

There is no such option. Level 0 options are:

Touch cursor options

General options

Convenient OCR options

Reading options

Say All options

Editing options

Spelling options

Numbers options

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