Re: SMA vs. subscription pricing model

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

It is unreasonable to believe or expect that SMA pricing stays the same forever. I don't even remember how long an SMA for Jaws Home has cost $120 for 2 major upgrades, but I wouldn't be surprised or blame Vispero if they announced that the cost for a 2-upgrade SMA would go up from $120 to $150 in which case it is not so far from the subscription pricing. I also would not be mad at Vispero if they announced in 2 or 3 years that all licenses are being converted to an annual subscription because it would be simpler to administer it especially if they also offer the same subscription in other countries and at basically the same cost after the currency exchange adjustment.



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If a brand new JAWS user purchases the product outright for $900 and pays $60 per year for an SMA for 30 years, he will have spent $1,800 on the SMA making the total cost $2,700.

If he pays $90 per year for 30 years the total cost is the  same, however, the first method involves laying out $900 up  front and one is losing the interest he could have earned on the original outlay.

As I have been using this product since the mid 80's, it is far more economical for me to keep the SMA current.  If I were a new customer, I'd definitely go with the yearly license.


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