Re: elbraille 40 commands?

Jason White

I haven't used an ElBraille, but, since it runs JAWS, you'll find that all
of the braille display commands documented in the JAWS Help for the Focus
series will work.

I would suggest familiarizing yourself with some of the commands, or taking
a list with you for use with the ElBraille.

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Subject: elbraille 40 commands?

This Tuesday, I have an opertunity to ttest out an elbraille 40, to see if
it meets my needs.

I'd like to learn more, before I receive my test unit.

How easy is it to learn, coming from a qwerty keyboard?

I already have a jaws license.

How can I copy my preferences to my sd card, and import them into jaws 2019
on the elbraille?


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