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Not sure that's possible with the JAWS Dictionary. And I think the asterisk is the wildcard character, and searching for that may not work. Your solution might require writing a JAWS script for the application you're     using to read these documents.
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Subject: entries in jaws dictionary

Hi guys:


I have a question regarding dictionary entries in jaws, 2019;

Here’s how it goes:

When I read court cases;

There are embedded page numbers within the case;

For instance,

A case might start on page 350 and go to 360;

Within the case, as one reads, he will find [*350), [*351), [*352], etc up to [*360].


What I would like to do,

Is when jaws sees these page number strings, [*3, where [*3 is part of the string for [*351];

I wish jaws to say, “official reporter page” and then the page numbers within the brackets;

So, when jaws sees [*354], it will say “official reporter page 354”

I tried making entries for this, but jaws will say “official reporter page” but it won’t say the page number within the brackets;

How do I put in the wildcard within the replacement word box so that jaws will say “official reporter page” and yet still read the original word that it is on;


Better yet, instead of having jaws say “official reporter page”, I have it make a sound and yet still read the string of original text?


My goal is since I know that there is only one star (*) between the left bracket and the beginning of the page number, I can make ten entries within the dictionary,

All that either say “official page reporter” and then the original string saying the page number itself,

Or I can have jaws play a sound when it sees that string, and then still say the actual word which is the page number of the reporter that I am on at the time.


I hope I haven’t confused anyone?


Please advise as necessary.


Mike m.


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