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for jaws i don't think this makes any difference. i have my u a c set on 3 and i have never had it come up when jaws is loaded.
seting it to zero is a bad idea anyway. there have been several times when u a c warned me of malware that wanted to install itself and i was able to prevent it. defender did not catch them.

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Your User Account Control has been changed. In the “search” area of the start menu type in UAC or user account controls. This will take you to where you can change the slider. Make it 0 and this should end the problem. This is a security feature with Windows. A good one but in the case of JAWS and other programs forces the user to allow the program to run each time it is started.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: Help needed

All of the sudden, every time I launch Jaws, I have to give the bloody User Account Control permission for the Application File for Jaws to run.

Anyone know where in blazes that is coming from in Windows 10 Home 64 bit?



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