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Many of us have used Jaws for approximately those number of years, already.  I got my first copy of Jaws when I was a telemarketer in 97; and there are those on this list who have used Jaws for a longer time than that.  Judging from their accounts. 

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Subject: SMA vs. subscription pricing model

Hi listers:


You know, I just took a calculator and compared what it would cost for a home user who was buying JAWS brand new, and keeping an SMA up-to-date, comparing that to the new subscription model.


So, if you buy JAWS new, for $900, then, you've got to pay $120 per 2 year period to keep the SMA up-to-date.  Comparing that to $90 per year, from what I can tell, it will take about 27 years before you end up paying more per year for the subscription than you would for keeping an SMA up-to-date.


And, will we be using JAWS in 27 years?




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