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Dan Longmore


  With all due respect.  There are so many scenarios that it is impossible to state which is the best.  Vespiro has clearly stated the choices and each person must figure out what  works best for them or the company that provides the software at their place of employment. 

In my opinion, let’s keep the list focused on the operation, issues and problems with JAWS and related software.





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Subject: SMA vs. subscription pricing model


Hi listers:


You know, I just took a calculator and compared what it would cost for a home user who was buying JAWS brand new, and keeping an SMA up-to-date, comparing that to the new subscription model.


So, if you buy JAWS new, for $900, then, you've got to pay $120 per 2 year period to keep the SMA up-to-date.  Comparing that to $90 per year, from what I can tell, it will take about 27 years before you end up paying more per year for the subscription than you would for keeping an SMA up-to-date.


And, will we be using JAWS in 27 years?




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