Re: How do I make the "pane" with the "resume reading" button go awayin MS Word 2016?

Ann Byrne

The cool thing is that if you want to go back to where you stopped reading--as I often do with my students--just press the spacebar and it takes you there.

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Yes, it is annoying, but I just ignore it as well. It goes away quickly. I’ve never used it, so I don’t know if it even works. I bookmark anything I want to resume reading.


Shirley Tracy

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I just wait a moment and it goes away. I figured that was a "new feature" that is a tiny bit annoying since I usually don't want to resume reading. I have not checked to see if it is something to uncheck.
Have you googled it?

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In MS Word 2016 using JAWS 2019, when I open a document I can hear two “panesâ€&#65533; opening. As I F6 around, I hear when I go to the “document paneâ€&#65533; (which I want) and also “paneâ€&#65533; which has a button labeled “resume reading.â€&#65533; I want to disable this latter pane with the “resume readingâ€&#65533; button. In this particular document, it happens to have numerous headings and a few heading levels; so perhaps Word thinks it is some sort of an eBook that I am reading? Whatever the case may be, how can I disable this?


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