Re: How do I make the "pane" with the "resume reading" button go away in MS Word 2016?

Richard Turner

I just wait a moment and it goes away. I figured that was a "new feature" that is a tiny bit annoying since I usually don't want to resume reading. I have not checked to see if it is something to uncheck.
Have you googled it?

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In MS Word 2016 using JAWS 2019, when I open a document I can hear two “panes” opening.  As I F6 around, I hear when I go to the “document pane” (which I want) and also “pane” which has a button labeled “resume reading.”  I want to disable this latter pane with the “resume reading” button. In this particular document, it happens to have numerous headings and a few heading levels; so perhaps Word thinks it is some sort of an eBook that I am reading?  Whatever the case may be, how can I disable this?




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