Re: For a friend New desktop computer window 10 Jaws 17

Chris Hill

The simplest way to check is to hit windows-r and type in winver.

Mine, for example, says version 1803, which is the April 2018 version.  I'll bet a new computer from the store would have this version.  If that is what your friend has, she probably should be talking to Freedom Scientific to see if her version of jaws will actually work with it.

On 11/9/2018 21:27, O.Addison Gethers wrote:

I don’t know and I will ask her tomorrow !! If she does not know ,how can she find out ?



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Well, my first question would be, which version of windows 10, it is changing about twice a year.  My second question would be, does a jaws 17 work on that new of a windows 10.  I suspect an upgrade  of jaws will be needed to fix the problem.




On 11/9/2018 18:28, O.Addison Gethers wrote:

Hello All My friend told me she have a new desktop computer with window 10 and using jaws 17 !! She received jaws 17 disc from FS  she installed and download from disc then she noticed when she finish install jaws 17 then it’s ask her to press spacebar to restart computer then jaws never came back on !! She press window r type jaws17 it came on few second it cut off  again  !! Does anyone know why this happening to jaws 17 ?



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