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Joseph Norton

Actually, there are cases where laptops will allow you to do a few f keys without using the function key.  Particularly, alt+f4 is sometimes allowed, but, not others.


Usually, you will need to have help going into the system’s bios menus to change the behavior, and this is usually not accessible.


I knew of one laptop where you could actually go into Windows mobility center and change this under Windows, but, I have never seen it like this since.





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For starters you eather need to have someone go into the bios and change the defalt of the function keys.  They now are set for hp device operations, and you need to change it to just f keys.


If you do not do this then you would have to press the function key and along with your jaws key and f 7 to have the jaws action take place. And this would be for all f key operations.


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Good morning all,

I recently bought a new HP Laptop. I am having a couple of problems but I think it is me not the computer. Some of my shortcut keys are not working such as Insert F7 for links, or F7 for Spell Check. I cannot seem to find the application key where in the past it has always been two keys to the right of the space bar. I have my keyboard set to laptop. I have had no luck trying to search these issues online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Kind Regards,

Angie Goodnight



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