Re: Two More Problems With Jaws 2019 and Outlook 2016

Tom Behler

I just went into Jaws quick settings, and couldn’t find an option to disable phoenetics.


Am I not going to the right place?


Tom Behler



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Sent: Friday, November 09, 2018 7:28 PM
Subject: Re: Two More Problems With Jaws 2019 and Outlook 2016


The phonetic thing is actually a new feature. It’s meant to help out folks who may have hearing issues or would like a little more help with distinguishing between letters. This feature is also present in the iOS platform.

You can go into Jaws settings and adjust the delay for when the phonetic pronunciation is spoken or disable it all together.

The other thing, I have no idea.




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Subject: Two More Problems With Jaws 2019 and Outlook 2016


Hello, again, everyone.


I have discovered two more problems with Jaws 2019 and Outlook 2016 on my Windows 7 laptop.


When I use the insert numpad 2 command to read an entire message, Jaws skips parts of lines.  I can read the complete lines by arrowing down through the message, but, as you can imagine, this gets quite cumbersome.


In addition, I have noticed that Jaws now gives phonetics for the first letter of a word when I navigate through a message that I’m composing, and I also notice that Jaws sometimes speaks the last character I type again after several seconds.


I seem to recall someone else having similar issues but am not sure how or whether they got resolved.


Thanks for any assistance.


Tom Behler


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