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Jason White

Lenovo Vantage is their application for configuring various settings and for updating firmware, drivers, etc.

With the touch cursor and the use of Tab/Shift-Tab for navigation, I can work my way through it for the most part. There is room for improvement, however. It's fundamentally a "modern" Windows application downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

I'm very pleased with my Lenovo laptop over-all.

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Subject: Re: Lenovo Vantage tool

I use a Lenovo L440. Like you, sadly, its applications seem not very accessible. And, I do not know or use the " Vantage tool." What is it?

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Sent: Friday, November 09, 2018 11:00 AM
Subject: Lenovo Vantage tool

Are any of you using Lenovo laptops? I don't find the Lenovo settings very accessible with JAWS. Heck I can't even turn on the LV tool and wonder if I should.


Maria Campbell

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