Re: Copying Portions of a Web Page Preserving Elements

Steve Matzura

And where is that done? I just searched for "virtual cursor" in Settings and didn't get any hits that sound anything like that.

On 11/9/2018 12:08 PM, Bill White wrote:
Just make sure that, if you're using JAWS, that your Virtual Cursor is set to copy Full Screen Content, NOT Copy From Virtual Cursor. Copy from Virtual Cursor will give you only the text. It will not preserve formatting.

Bill White

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Subject: Copying Portions of a Web Page Preserving Elements

I frequently receive email messages with portions of Web pages copied
thereinto, complete with all elements--links, headings, other
controls--faithfully preserved, but I've plum forgotten how. Someone
please refresh my obviously in-need-of-refreshing memory cells, with my
grateful thanks in advance.

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