Re: Avast anti-virus program redux

Mário Navarro

Yes, I have removed avast several times, and the tool has always removed everything from avast...
On my Windows 10, Narrator does not work in safe mode.
With narrator I could not remove Avast in safe mode.
does not work.

Às 21:33 de 07/11/2018, Bill White escreveu:

Hi, Tom. My friend also had Avast antivirus, and used the tool to get rid of Avast. It says that it requires safe mode, but if you run it, it will still work, and will uninstall the antivirus program. Also, if using Windows 10, you can now go into safe mode with either Narrator or JAWS, and run programs in safe mode.


Bill White




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Subject: Re: Avast anti-virus program redux


Unfortunately in my experience and according to  numerous messages on Jaws and tech lists this does not remove all traces of Avast. On my Win 7 computer I was never able to get rid of Avast until I had a complete reinstall of Win 7. Avast did have a free download of a program to get rid of what was left of a normal un install but it required going into safe mode.  Tom


From: Brian Vogel

Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2018 8:10 AM

Subject: Re: Avast anti-virus program redux


Uninstalling Avast is not in any way different than any other program.  Open Control Panel, Programs and Features, select the program you wish to uninstall from the list, then bring up the context menu and select Uninstall from it.


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