Re: Jaws and Very Large PDF documents


hello, maybe try openbook. use the save page range option to save the document.

On Thu, 8 Nov 2018 16:10:23 +0000, "LAZZARI Ruth" wrote:

Good Morning,
I am trying to assist a tax accountant who uses Jaws 2018 and Adobe Reader Pro 11 .  She is often give pdf files that are up to 1000 pages to read and extract pages as necessary!  While Jaws reads as normal for smaller documents, less than 500, at 1000+ we only get a Document Empty message.  We know that the document has been OCR’d, in fact when we extract a page from the large document it works well.  We have:
  1. Tested this with NVDA as well as the Adobe Read Out Loud.  We receive the same message.
  2. Tried all of the Adobe reading settings, e.g. process one page at a time, read from left to right, raw stream, etc.
  3. Ran Accessibility Checker which indicated that it indeed it is not an image
  4. Checked the Adobe security settings, which indicates no protection at all.
  5. Behaves the exact same way in Adobe Reader versus Pro.
I cannot test this document in Jaws 2019 because they are confidential tax documents, and at this time she does not have Jaws 2019 installed.  (We are working on that now.)
If anyone has any ideas at all, we would truly appreciate it. 
Thanks so much!
Ruth Lazzari, Assistive Technology Specialist
Oregon Commission for the Blind

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