Re: Two Part Question

Larry Gassman <larrygassman@...>

Hi Angie,
Audio ducking may be on for you. It isn't supposed to be by default.
I actually like it now that it works well.
As for Jonathan's user voice, it is the vocalizer voice and I believe it is Tom.
You can download it from the Vispero web site.
I downloaded a zip file with over 20 different voices. They are compact in nature so if you want the premium voice it would be a separate download.
He also used Nathan at one time but now I believe it is still Tom.

At 11:28 AM 11/8/2018, you wrote:
Hi All,
I recently downloaded Jaws 2019. I am not sure if something is wrong with my sound but what it is doing is annoying! As I am reading e mail, or on a web site, the sound goes just a bit lower, then higher. It is not a huge amount of going up and down but like I said it is annoying. I was reading about ducking but I do not have that set up on my computer.

Also I was listening to a Pod Cast with Johnathan Mosen. I really like the voice he uses. Does anyone know which voice it is?


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