Re: Is there a reason to not upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Ben Humphreys <brhbrhbrh@...>

Hi Keith,

One thing I've noticed about Windows 10 -- the Jaws cursor is becoming increasingly less functional. I find I have to resort to OCr more often than in the past.

But there's a lot to like too, such as a much-improved Narrator (which works even when Jaws crashes).

I think the Ribbon-based Explorer is more cumbersome.

Also, a lot more Tabbing when in Windows configuration screens.

Nothing that's a deal killer, but I do miss how well the Jaws cursor worked back in Windows 7 and XP days.


At 02:05 PM 11/8/2018, you wrote:

I use a work computer which is still running Windows 7. We have now, finally, been given an opportunity to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10, with a no return to Windows 7 policy once upgraded.

Is there any reason to not upgrade to Windows 10? This will be an upgrade on an older computer, and not a replacement computer, if that would make a difference.

Using the latest JAWS.

Thanks in advance. Keith

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