Re: Need refresher on how to change Jaws verbosity level

Patrick Johnson


Not quite answering your question but here are the steps to copy your
earlier settings to a new version of JAWS. These steps were sent to
me on a JAWS list earlier this week.

Try the following:
1. Open the Jaws context menu with, Insert / Jaws key + J.
2. Down arrow to, Utilities, and press enter.
3. Down arrow to, Import / Export submenu, and press enter.
4. Down arrow to, Migrate settings..., and press enter.
5. Now you'll have a combobox to choose which version of Jaws you
would like to migrate your settings from... After you choose which
Jaws version tab 1
time to, Yes, and press the spacebar and follow the prompts.



On 11/8/18, Tom Behler <> wrote:
Hello, everyone.

I've just installed Jaws 2019 on my Windows 7 laptop here, and, for some
reason, I think my verbosity level has been changed from what it was with
Jaws 2018.

Can someone remind me how to change the Jaws verbosity level?

Thanks as always.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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