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How about the full version of Acrobat DC, not the reader. This one
you have to pay for.

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LAZZARI Ruth wrote:

Thanks for all of those fine suggestions. I am definitely going to try the Q read for other projects! Unfortunately, she also will need to actually manipulate and edit the document; for instance extract pages then insert them in another. Converting/opening them in word then reconverting can definitely change the formatting. There are many intense tax forms and formats in one of these files.

I think for now (since we cannot ask for them in another format) we might just need to split up the actual documents into 2 or 3 files to do the editing required. I am going to keep trying alternatives though.

Thanks again,

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Having some experience with reading long legal documents just for fun, I'd say that you could try something like Q read. If you can extract a page from the document, is there a way to split it into smaller sizes?
Here's a service that will do this, you just have to upload the file.
They do have a desktop client it looks like.

Also last time I tried it Q read did not work with the JAWS OCR features. It hasn't updated since then, so I doubt much has changed, then again I could be wrong.

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