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Thanks this is what I was looking for!

Steve and Shannon Cook

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If you have your store names in one column (A) and your payments in a second
column (B), use the sumif() function.
Here are a few ways to do it, going from basic to slightly more advanced:

Example A
=sumif(A1:A20,"Wal Mart",B1:B20)
This looks for Wal Mart in cells A1 through A20 and totals the corresponding
values in cells B1 through B20.

Example B
=sumif(A:A,"Wal Mart",B:B)
This looks for Wal Mart in anywhere in column A and totals the
corresponding values in column B.

Example C
This checks column A for whatever you type in cell c1, and provides the
corresponding total.
Type Wal Mart to get that total, then Target to get that total, etc

Example D
Add multiple sumif() functions to have it keep a running tally for each
[C1]: Walmart [D1]: =sumif(A:A,C1,B:B)
[C2]: Target [D2]: =sumif(A:A,C2,B:B)
[C3]: Amoco [D3]: =sumif(A:A,C3,B:B)
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