Re: Evaluating laptop keyboards for jaws functionality

Soronel Haetir

While I find an applications key incredibly nice I can get around
that, doing without the numpad would be much more troublesome.

A full-size regular US qwerty keyboard (but without function specific
keys like volume up/down) has 102 or 103 keys.

On 11/8/18, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
I evaluate it by going to a computer store and putting my hands on it. This
is one situation where ordering online can just be a less satisfying
Also, you mentioned you bought a 13 inch model, anything less than a 15 inch
laptop will never have as complete a keyboard just because it's not large
enough. There are plenty of 15 inch laptops out there which have full
keyboards including a numeric pad. My Asus Zenbook has an application key,
but I'm so used to pressing Shift+F10 that I rarely use it.

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Hi All,

How do jaws users evaluate a keyboard on a laptop you are considering?
I'm talking about the presence (or absence) of keys that are necessary
to the functionality of jaws commands.

I received a new Lenovo Ideapad and was dismayed to realize that the
keyboard is missing not only the applications key but also the
dedicated home, end, page up and page down keys. Strangely, my old
Lenovo, the one I am typing this message on, has all these keys so it
never occurred to me to try and verify that the new one would also.
But now I'm wondering, how do you check the keyboard specs when
ordering a new laptop that you haven't actually had your hands on?

Before someone suggests an external keyboard let me say that I require
the portability of a laptop that doesn't necessitate dragging around
an extra keyboard. I also don't really want to remap a bunch of keys
to accomplish everyday functions.

So what do people suggest? Do I really have to drag myself over to
microcenter or some other store so I can actually touch the laptop I'm
considering? Is there another way?

Thanks for your thoughts.



Soronel Haetir

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