Re: New Jaws subscription plan, why US only?

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Hi Ron,

I beg to differ, for the US to call themselves America that is to me no problem, after all, we call them "Americans" not US'ers" or "United Statelers" and
Also, if you feel they should include Canada in America because we are part of North America then how about all the countries of central amd South America, that is still America or the American continent.
Furthermore, there are plenty of places overseas where English is the primary language, e.g. England, Australia, New Zealand.
Let's just let them figure it out, I'm sure if a subscription-based model is what Vispero wants to move to it will be offered here in Canada and elsewhere in due time.

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Subject: Re: New Jaws subscription plan, why US only?

Hi Nick and all,

In the US they love to identify themselves as America which is far from being correct. If they want to call themselves America, let them include all of North America. If they don't want to go overseas with this, due to language problems, that is their business but they should at least include all of North America in at least English which is the international language of computers.

Ron & Danvers

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Subject: New Jaws subscription plan, why US only?

Hi all
I sent a message to FS support asking why the new Jaws yearly subscription plan is for US customers only, but I haven’t received any reply yet. Your thoughts on this?

As I see it, they are basically saying that us users outside the US don’t really require a more affordable way to purchase Jaws and that they are only giving this more affordable option to people in the US.

I’m also wondering what for example will stop me from simply using a friends US address when signing up for this plan. I doubt they’ll be monitoring where a user is located while using it, I think the only important thing to them is the address at sign up.


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