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Why don't you go where you bought it and ask them to make sure the function keys are enabled, as others pointed out it most likely is set up by default so you have to press the FN together with whatever function key combination, e.g. Jaws Key+FN+F7 would give you your list of links.

As for the application key that is just not there on many laptops and even desktop keyboards, just use Shift+F10, it does the same thing.


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Subject: New Computer


Good morning all,

I recently bought a new HP Laptop. I am having a couple of problems but I think it is me not the computer. Some of my shortcut keys are not working such as Insert F7 for links, or F7 for Spell Check. I cannot seem to find the application key where in the past it has always been two keys to the right of the space bar. I have my keyboard set to laptop. I have had no luck trying to search these issues online. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Kind Regards,

Angie Goodnight


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