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Mich Verrier

Hi Kim. I think that would be really the only way unless you can find a laptop with a full sised keybord that would work getting a feel for keybords would be the only way. for instince I am using my del laptop with full keybord and this is something that I made shure to ask for when getting this laptop from my vender that it has a full sised keybord. Hth. From Mich.

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Subject: Evaluating laptop keyboards for jaws functionality

Hi All,

How do jaws users evaluate a keyboard on a laptop you are considering?
I'm talking about the presence (or absence) of keys that are necessary to the functionality of jaws commands.

I received a new Lenovo Ideapad and was dismayed to realize that the keyboard is missing not only the applications key but also the dedicated home, end, page up and page down keys. Strangely, my old Lenovo, the one I am typing this message on, has all these keys so it never occurred to me to try and verify that the new one would also.
But now I'm wondering, how do you check the keyboard specs when ordering a new laptop that you haven't actually had your hands on?

Before someone suggests an external keyboard let me say that I require the portability of a laptop that doesn't necessitate dragging around an extra keyboard. I also don't really want to remap a bunch of keys to accomplish everyday functions.

So what do people suggest? Do I really have to drag myself over to microcenter or some other store so I can actually touch the laptop I'm considering? Is there another way?

Thanks for your thoughts.



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